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Update: Welcome Changes to the Global Talent Independent Program

By 13 November 2020March 8th, 2021No Comments

In a welcomed move that further entrenches the government’s commitment to the Global Talent visa program, the government today announced changes that will assist Australia to compete with other countries such as Canada, the US and the UK for the top talent from around the world. The changes commence on 14 November 2020.

These changes come only a month after the government announced a massive expansion of the Global Talent visa program to some 15,000 visas per year and marks a clear policy shift by government away from independent skilled migration under the points test towards a much more targeted approach to attracting talent in sectors seen as critical to Australia’s growth.

Health waiver
Global Talent visa applicants and their families will now be able to seek a waiver of the usual health requirements if they suffer from a disease or condition that would otherwise have resulted in a visa refusal. Although the Department will still need to assess the likely costs of any health condition and decide whether to grant the visa despite these costs, it means that many families who would otherwise have been ineligible for Global Talent visa can now apply.

Visa holders in Australia
Anyone in Australia who holds a valid visa can now apply for a Global Talent visa provided they meet the usual requirements [see our previous article]. Prior to the change only certain visa holders were able to apply for a Global Talent visa from within Australia. This will broaden the number of eligible applicants.

If you have questions about how these changes might apply or to learn more about how the Global Talent visa could help your business, please contact your Ajuria Manager.


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