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Looking for ways to bring your parent over permanently? The process is long but not impossible!

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If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident seeking to re-settle your parents in Australia permanently, there are a number of Parent visa options available. The eligibility requirements for these visas can get a little complex but generally speaking, if you have lived in Australia for the last 2 years, and you are an only child or at least half of your siblings (including half and step) are living in Australia, you may be eligible to sponsor your parent for a Permanent Parent visa.

In broad terms, there are two streams of parent visas: contributory and non-contributory visas. The primary difference between these two streams is that, for contributory visas, the applicant pays extra fees (more than $43,600) to secure faster processing. You may be asking – is it worth the money?

For all Parent visa subclasses, the Department of Home Affairs sets a strict cap on the number of visa places available in any year. In practical terms, this creates a queue system where new lodged applications are placed in line and visa applications are considered on a “first in, first out” basis. The queue for Contributory Parent visas moves much faster while non-contributory visas stall – there has been no advancement in that queue for at least the last 9 months.

Current estimates published by the Department of Home Affairs suggests that processing time on a contributory visa lodged now would take approximately 4.8 years until a final decision is made while non-contributory parent visa applicants can expect to wait up to 30 years for a decision!

If you hear of anyone wanting help to bring parents to Australia we would be happy to help navigate all this.

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