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De Facto Relationship Evidence – TSS & other temporary visas

Including a de facto partner

To include your partner in your temporary visa if you are not married, you will need to provide evidence to the Department of Home Affairs that you meet the ‘de facto relationship’ criteria

Primarily, you will need to demonstrate that you have lived together as de facto partners for at least 6 months.

Evidence that can be provided to meet the 6 month residence requirement should include:

  • Joint lease/mortgage agreement(s); and
  • At least 6 pieces of evidence each, that show your name, date, and address, and cover the same period of (at least) 6 months.

You will also need to provide secondary supporting documentation to show you have a genuine and ongoing de facto relationship.

1. Primary evidence – meeting the 6 month residence requirement

The Department of Home Affairs takes this requirement very seriously and if it cannot be evidenced, it is likely that the visa will not be granted to your partner.

Evidence to show that you meet this requirement must include:

  • Home ownership or mortgage documents in both names; or
  • Joint residential leases, rental agreements and receipts.


  • Evidence of joint household expenses, such as electricity, gas and telephone bills and accounts in both names; and/or
  • Correspondence jointly or separately addressed to both of you at the same residence.

Please ensure that you have both recent documentation showing that you are both residing at your current address, and documentation from at least 6 months ago showing that you both resided at that address at that time.

2. Secondary evidence – supporting documentation to show a genuine and ongoing relationship

The Department will also look at other factors when assessing whether your de facto relationship is genuine and ongoing. Examples of additional supporting evidence you can provide include:

  • Evidence of joint bank accounts;
  • Evidence of joint financial commitments (e.g. bank statements showing that you transfer each other money for expenses);
  • Receipts for major purchases in both names, joint investments, joint loans, etc.;
  • Certified copies of wills and/or life insurance policies showing both names at the same address and indicating the beneficiaries;
  • Full birth certificates (showing details of parents) of any children born of the relationship, or a doctor’s certificate confirming pregnancy where applicable;
  • Documentary evidence of shared social lives, such as joint membership of organisations or groups, or joint participation in social, cultural, sporting or other activities;
  • Evidence of joint travel/holidays;
  • Small selection of photographs (max 10-15), with captions (e.g. names, dates, location) – click here to download a template.

Please note these are suggestions only – you are not expected to provide all the items listed. Generally, evidence of shared financial commitments and bank accounts is the strongest evidence.

If you provide documents in a language other than English, please provide annotations/highlight key details.