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Police Checks

Will my visa be refused if I have a past offence?

An offence will not automatically disqualify you from being granted the visa. Most minor matters will not impact your entitlement to a visa but we can discuss this with you as it will depend on the exact circumstances.

It is important that any and all recorded offences are disclosed to us as early as possible in the application process. Any offences will need to be listed in the application form and failure to do so may have an adverse effect on the visa application, and any future application in Australia and elsewhere.

Will my employer have to know?

Probably but this will depend on how serious it is. As more serious character matters have the potential to cause serious delays to your application it will probably be necessary to discuss this with your employer. If you decide that you do not want to tell your employer we may need to advise them that we cannot assist you with your application.

Will I need to obtain a police check?

We will tell you if you need to obtain police checks and help you to do so.

You and your family will probably need to obtain police checks for any country you have lived in for more than 12 months since turning 16.

You will probably NOT need to do this if you are applying for a TSS visa and your employer is an accredited sponsor unless you have a criminal record.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you believe you need a police check from any of the following countries, because we will need to obtain a letter from the Department that allows you to apply for a police check. This can delay processing if we do not know this early on.

Country Status
Bahrain Residents & Non-Residents
Bermuda Residents & Non-Residents
Curacao Residents
Cyprus Residents & Non-Residents
Ethiopia Residents & Non-Residents
Fiji Residents & Non-Residents
Haiti Residents & Non-Residents
Hong Kong Residents & Non-Residents
Japan Non-Residents
Kuwait Residents & Non-Residents
Netherlands Residents & Non-Residents
Qatar Residents & Non-Residents
Saudi Arabia Residents
Singapore Residents & Non-Residents
Thailand Residents & Non-Residents
Uganda Non-Residents
United Arab Emirates Residents & Non-Residents
Yemen Residents

Will my family need to do the same?

  • TSS:
    All members of the immediate family who are over 16 and travelling with you will need to do the same as you.
  • Permanent Residence:
    All members of the immediate family who are over 16 will need to do the same as you whether they are included in the application or not.

How do I arrange a police check if I need one?

All countries and states/territories have their own unique processes for obtaining police checks. Some may require you to have fingerprints taken, other will require a letter from the Australian Government issuing a police check. We will assist you by providing instructions for you to follow or by helping you with the application.

How long is a police check valid for?

For immigration purposes, a police check is deemed to be valid for 12 months from the issue date. If a police check is over 12 months old it will not be accepted.

What if I travel back to my country?

Short visits will not normally mean that you will need to redo the check but you should check in with us and we can advise you.

What names need to be disclosed in a police check?

It is important that you disclose all names you have been known by in your police check. This includes maiden names and any other formal name changes. If your name appears in a different format or spelling on an identity document (such as a passport or birth certificate) please ensure you also include this variation of the name.

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