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Health Insurance

Do I need to have health insurance?

All applicants for TSS visas must:

  • Health insurance with certain minimum requirements; or
  • Travel insurance (you will then need to apply for Medicare or health insurance after arrival); or
  • Hold an Irish or New Zealand passport.

You must maintain health insurance for the life of the TSS visa.

What health insurance do I need?

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Belgium, Malta, Slovenia, Norway or New Zealand, you may be eligible for Medicare under reciprocal arrangements that exist with these countries. Individuals will need to check directly with Medicare to ascertain their eligibility.

You may need to attend a Department of Human Services office in person to enrol in Medicare. Further information on arranging this can be found on this link.

Private Insurance
There are a number of Australian insurers who offer products designed to meet the subclass 482 visa requirements. Insurers generally call this type of insurance ‘overseas visitor coverage’. You will need to consider the various products and determine which insurance product is appropriate for your needs. Most insurers will provide access to prices and allow you to purchase the product online.

Ajuria Lawyers has negotiated with some of the insurance companies to provide overseas visitor coverage packages, some with discount. By using this link, you can access many others and it is important you find a product that is suitable for your needs.

For further information on the covers we have negotiated, access to prices and the option to purchase the product online, please click on the links provided below:

Allianz Care Australia



Please note that not all the above providers offer a discounted rate to our clients and that Ajuria Lawyers or its associated entities may receive a commission from these external service providers.

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