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Starting Work in Australia

When can I start work in Australia?

Whether you can work for your sponsor depends on the visa that you currently hold or held when the TSS application was lodged. We can check this and will provide advice on a case by case basis.

Working Holiday Makers

You can ‘reset’ your six months in three ways:

  • If your employer has more than one location of work, changing location may restart your 6 months of work. Please speak to your Ajuria advisor if this applies to your situation.
  • If you hold a visa under the Working Holiday Maker programme, you may request an extension of your work rights after your TSS application has been lodged, only if the employer you wish to continue working for past the 6-month limit is the same employer who has sponsored you for a TSS visa. This should be done at least 2 weeks, or more before your 6 month work limitation is met.
  • If you hold a Working Holiday Maker visa holder and your visa is about to expire, your 6-month employment limitation will be reset once you transition on to the bridging visa following lodgement of a new visa application.
  • There are other limited circumstances where the 6 month limitation may be extended in exceptional circumstances, where it can be demonstrated that a visa holder is critical to the completion of a specialised highly skilled project that has gone unexpectedly over time.  This extension may only be granted for a short period of days or weeks.
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