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Processing & Timeframes

What can I expect to happen?

We will:

  • Contact you and explain the process to you
  • Request a number of documents and information from you
  • Prepare your application and ask you to review it
  • Lodge it and deal with the Department on your behalf
  • Keep you up to date and advise you as soon as your application is approved

How long will my application take?

TSS – Under the standard stream 1 to 2 months
TSS – With an accredited sponsor/employer 1 to 2 weeks
ENS – Employer-sponsored permanent visas 10 to 12 months
Partner visas for those in relationships with Australians 24 months

These are indicative times for the average case.  Please note that processing times vary and we can provide a more accurate estimate once your application is lodged.

Factors that may impact the processing times:

  • The position you have been nominated in, and/or the industry your sponsoring company belongs to (generally, sales and marketing or hospitality positions are subject to longer processing times);
  • A requirement to undertake health checks;
  • Whether or not you have been able to provide strong evidence of your relevant skills and qualifications;
  • Security and character checking by the Department;
  • A request for further information from the assessing case officer.

How can I check on progress?

You can always check the progress of your application with us and we will keep you informed as the application progresses.

Unfortunately, there is no way to track your application once it has been lodged with the Department. We will receive updates about the status of your application is:

  • When it is lodged
  • When a request has been made (if applicable)
  • When the application is finalised (approved or refused)

Can I travel while my application is being processed?

It is extremely important you update your advisor if you are planning to travel during the application process.This depends on your Australian visa status. If you hold a valid visa, you are free to exit and enter Australia as you please up until the visa expiry date. If you hold a bridging visa, you must apply for a bridging visa B, which will permit you to exit and re-enter Australia. The bridging visa B must be approved before you leave Australia, and generally, take a number of weeks to be finalised.

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