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TSS Visas

What will this visa let me do?

This visa will allow you to live and work in Australia in your approved position for your sponsoring employer for up to four years. For some occupations, the maximum stay is for two years (with the possibility of renewal for another 2 years). Your employer may elect to sponsor you for a shorter period.

On this visa you must abide by the following conditions:

  • only work for the approved sponsor;
  • only work in your nominated skilled occupation;
  • start work within 90 days of arrival in Australia if you were outside Australia when your visa was granted, or within 90 days after your visa was granted if you were already in Australia at the time;
  • not cease employment with your approved sponsor for a period of more than 60 consecutive days;
  • obtain any mandatory licence, registration or membership; and
  • maintain adequate health insurance.

What do I need to show?

You need to show that you have the relevant qualifications and/or employment experience to perform the nominated role in Australia. You may also need to meet certain health, character and English language criteria.

What does it mean if my occupation is on the two-year list?

You will not be eligible to transition to permanent residence using this visa. If you want to apply for permanent residence in the future we would need to look at another avenue.


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