Am I eligible for any financial support as a temporary visa holder?

Temporary visa holders are not generally eligible for either JobSeeker or JobKeeper allowances or any other form of government payment. You should check your eligibility here.

The JobKeeper payment is available for New Zealand citizens in Australia (holding a protected or non-protected subclass 444 Special Category Visa). New Zealand citizens who arrived in Australia before 26 February 2001 are eligible to access Australian welfare payments, in addition to the JobKeeper payment.

As of 4 April 2020, sponsored temporary visa holders will be able to withdraw $10,000 from their superannuation for this financial year.  Students who have been in Australia for longer than 12 months who find themselves in financial hardship will also be able to access their Australian superannuation. You can find details here.

The Australian Red Cross will be receiving funding for the next six months for the Red Cross Safety Net program, providing assistance to temporary visa holders in Australia who have no way to support themselves and who have urgent needs (such as food, medicine and crisis accommodation). You can find further details of the program here.

Priority will be given to people with urgent needs (including families with young children, people with a disability, people who are experiencing harm, people vulnerable to COVID-19 and people with physical or mental health issues). For those needing this assistance, you will need to apply for the program by emailing the Red Cross directly:

Additionally, some Australian states and territories (TAS, QLD, VIC, ACT, NSW & SA) as well as some city councils (Sydney & Melbourne) are distributing emergency relief for temporary visa holders.